As Much


I Care



Meet Liddy 
She's different and doesn't care.
Her bipolar secret is under wraps - until her brain jumps the track. Liddy's life turns into a technicolor dream when she's  manic . She explains bipolar disorder through a detailed account of real and make believe adventures as well as her struggles to be seen and heard by medical professionals.
Liddy's wellness recipe: 1) slow down, 2) turn to someone you love and tell them how your feeling and 3) “Don’t lose hope. Run the race marked before you with perseverance.”     

 A book for people

who don't want to take their meds, go to therapy or go to sleep. 

You can learn from Liddy's mistakes and find encouragement that you're not the only one living with bipolar disorder. 


You can make it through the maze with the support of your family.


Read a bit . . .

The day was finally over and the girls were ready for the night with a change of clothes in their backpacks. They boarded the last ferry to meet their friends on Spurling Island, one of the five Mint Islands, for the most anticipated party of the season. It was held on top of the town dock, where a cedar shed had been transformed into a bar years ago. Now, light-green moss covered the roof and the sides of the building like a soft cotton nightgown. It was a special place, it visibly swayed by the third hour. Everyone called the party “Rock the Dock.” The hostess sold commemorative T-shirts at the door to raise funds for next year’s bash. It was a cause worth supporting. It was late August before Liddy and Beatrice’s senior year of college and a year before Liddy was officially diagnosed as being bipolar.

. . .

It called for a celebration; she ordered a final round for everyone on her side of the bar. She shot-gunned the pint, swallowed it down in one gulp, a beer she didn’t need. Liddy needed to find Beatrice. As the place emptied, Liddy located her and they headed down the ramp to Harry’s magnificent wooden boat, Pilar II. He had already started the engine and the radio. The girls leapt onto the slippery boat they knew well. Thick dew had already settled on its deck, as mornings come in the middle of the night in Maine. Harry cranked up the radio, The Allman Brothers Band sang “Ramblin’ Man,” as the girls hoisted themselves above the cabin and dragged their wobbly bodies onto the front roof of the wooden beauty to lie on their backs and float home, they watched the stars tossed out like diamonds onto a black velvet cloth, some even touched Liddy and Beatrice’s noses.

From Chapter 4,

As Much as I Care to Remember


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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