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The Sleep Contest

"Mint Island was a place where she could sleep and think more clearly. Liddy knew that she could find sleep filled with dreams at night, not nightmares during the day. Liddy was a simpler person on Mint: she slept in the barely blue bedroom while listening to the waves and a buoy below her window. Liddy was lucky to have a quiet, simple spot, an escape that was more important and stronger than pills."

- As Much As I Care to Remember

Maybe it was the spring storm hovering over us last night here in South Carolina. The rain hummed on the metal roof and the eaves poured like a fountain outside our window. We woke-up close to 9:40 am with a jolt.

“Woah, it is late.”

It was almost like "Island Sleep."

Heading downstairs to make the now mid-morning coffee, I haven’t missed much of the day, it is too wet for a run and there's only my to-do list that I create, but I do miss the island.

On Mint, I sleep better than a baby. When I was younger my little brother and I'd host sleep contests. I think the winner clocked in at 13 hours. Only coming up for a sip of water and no bathroom breaks.

When people back home asked us, what do you do on the island, we respond with “Well, we sleep.” And, now when guests come to stay, we warn them of the fairies and their sleepy dust. The next morning, they wake-up refreshed and say they haven’t slept this late since college or before having kids.

I have justified my need and love of sleep for most of my adult life to keep the mania at bay, but for the last month and a week I have a new reason to be a sleep champion: to fight off the virus.

Until there’s a vaccine, I hope to convince others to join my sleep contest. It's a great way to stay healthy, boost your immune system while passing the time with dreams of places we will return to some day and people we'll see when the dust settles.

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